Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Journey Eastward Begins...

7:30 AM ~  So the journey begins.... as the shadow of the Turquoise Mountain passes from view and the wheels take us farther and farther from our beloved Dine Bikeyah.  My heart cries with a deep morning, I knew I would be homesick for home while I am gone.  Goodness, I was homesick for Dine Bikeyah for 10 years prior to moving out here, e'er since my parents and I passed threw when I was 16.  How could I not be now?

10 AM ~ We have journeyed on passed Albuquerque.  Not sure how I feel about that, as we do travel to Albuquerque 2-3 times a year.  Now I am beyond the "safe zone" into "uncharted territories".  'Tis good to be out on the open road again, and my Traveller Gal side is at easy.  Yet my heart longs for a resting place, a refuge from the storms, a haven while on my earthly journey-task.  It dreams of a place to call "home sweet home".

NOON ~ Just passed Santa Rosa, and it no longer looks like the Dine Bikeyah/Albuquerque country...  This trip has been good for me on many levels.  I have done muck "life laundry" as my dear friend, Mo, puts it.  As well, donating things to the thrift store in Thoreau means it continues doing good while we are gone.  Even better ALL 3 DOGS found new homes!!!  That is a deep relief to my soul.

2:25 PM ~ Back on the road after filling up and eatting lunch at Sonic in Tucumcari.  I am sooo glad I got a short hair cut prior to this journey, or I would be dying in this nearly 100 F heat.  I grabbed a Lipton Green Tea, the Mango/Passion Fruit one, and was quickly refreshed.  I normally take a green tea tablet everyday to keep my past health issues from flaring up, and supplement with bottled tea as needed.  Today, with heat will be a two bottle day, for sure!
Time Change: Central

4:00 PM ~ We are officially out of New Mexico.  Now the bitter reality has hit my heart....


5:55 PM ~ Groom, TX home of the "World's Tallest Cross".   Got a good pic plus that of a rainbow crossing the highway, neither I was unable to do in 1999 on the "Southwest Vacation".  That trip, along with "Mission: Mexico" in 1998, and "East Coast Vacation" in 1995 is what birthed Traveller Gal in me... I think.   ^_^


7:30 PM ~ At last, safely at the Shamrock Inn in the town of Shamrock, TX.  Storms are all around us with the possiblity of circling back, thus the pool is closed till at least tomorrow. Tis fun to be in a wee RT 66 Irish town for the night.   Twas nice to eat Taco Bell for a change as I have not had it in ages.  

9:30 PM ~ Good Night, and may God guard your dreams!

Traveller Gal, out!

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