Friday, February 28, 2003

Year of Sorrow...

As I sit at the computer transcribing a letter for my mom about my “uncle” Phil’s death last October 27th, it comes to mind why it seems I am just awaking from a bad dream. I lost 5 people and my dog in six months time. On top of that, my mom, dad, and grandma all had cancer scares in that same time too. Praise be to God that non of them had cancer.

I could not believe it the Thursday, July 25th, when Kevin Duncan called my dad. From the sound of his voice I knew it was something bad. When my mom walked in and told me Samuel Meadows had died in a motorcycle accident, I could not believe it. I ran down stairs and cried for an hour praying God would restore life to my elder “brother”, as I counted Sam to be. Finally, about two hours after I quit praying that, I went to my room and drew a picture.  I cried till no tears would fall.  Numbness set in...

Next would come the loss of my dog Wolfy.

Then my Uncle Bob McNary passed away after his liver transplant.

My “uncle” Phil Richards (he was my mom’s cousin, and since his parents death 10 years ago, he has been a brother).

A young mother was killed in a car accident in November.

On December 5th, I lost one of my grown cousins, Bobby Jo, in a car crash.
Needless to say, for sometime I have been somewhat numb. Add to that my health battles, and my battles the past 4 months at work, and it is no wonder I feel I am just waking up again.

~ Morria

Monday, February 24, 2003


I hate this imprisonment of weakness; I hate this physical faintness. If only the strength of my childhood would return. If only, if only... Oh, what am I thinking? Things will ne’er be as they were, for my body is frail now, though a youth still am I. Such is my lot in life, and ’tis a cross that I must bear. Would I ’twere another, yet still must I journey on, for though this be my lot, my calling is before me. By the grace of God I will do that which I am called to do.

~ Morria

Saturday, February 22, 2003


 Trials, tribulations, and persecution, ne’er before for the past nine months have I had so many and at the same time! I thought I knew a little about what it meant to be disliked, to be an outcast, to be sorrowful, but in the past nine months my world has turned over. I have lost 5 people (people from my church and in my family) and my dog to death. Of those, Samuel Meadows death hit me the hardest. He had been my teacher, mentor, and friend; in truth, I counted him my big brother. With his passing I learned to have faith in God no matter how hopeless things looked and to trust in Him even when every thing made no since.

Then with my work, which I took because it was my dream job, (a nightmare, though I knew it not!), I have faced a boss that has no understanding of this area, of the costumers she “serves”, compassion on her workers. She pays no mind to the health of her employes even when she is told of doctor’s advice. On top of all that, she has turned on the few of us that are different for dressing “too different”, even though we have followed everything that the company has told us to do.

How much I have grown through these testing times. I am not the same person I was a year ago, for in truth then was I a girl and now am I a woman.

~ Morria

Friday, February 21, 2003


Well, I got a web journal.  I do this in my note book all the time anyway, why not here too?

If I have a chance, I might "back blog" a few important enteries from pre-today, but for the most part it will be from today forward, looking forward and back... lets see what this journey of life holds!

~ Morria