Monday, November 3, 2008

Reflections on Chicago

Here I am age 25, having just gotten done with my first summer working in Dine Bikeyah at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch...  Now I am in a city far different from the Pinon Pine and Sage Brush covered desert which I am in love with.  Here I can hear the lone coyote howling his lonely watches through the night in the near by graveyard where he lives.   Here I can here the ambulance bring the injured the the hospital 3 blocks away all hours of the night from my 5th story window.  Here I can feel the breeze from the water of lake Michigan 8 blocks away.  Yet my heart had no peace.   I am as always a wander in a strange land, far from the place I call home.

Robby and I have realized that we would never truly be home till our feet were firmly planted in Dine Bikeyah.  The more we talked with friends, some who wish we could stay forever in Chicago, and some who have been to Dine Bikeyah, and encouraged us to follow our callings... the more we know we just have no peace in the city.  By the time our 14 months living in Chicagoland will be up, we will be restless and trapped by the buildings....already are just 4 months in.  Still I love the city... but forever Dine Bikeyah is home.

~ Traveller Gal, out!