Thursday, June 30, 2005

Didean Ranchero

June 7th, 2005, that is the day the idea for "Didean Ranchero" (working title) was born.  Though we (my friends and I) own not an inch of land, and not one stone is in place, "Didean Ranchero" is a reality in the hearts of those who love the ranch.

Our plans our progressing well, though slowly.  I found good info at the library, plus some in my own shelf.  "Back to the Basic's" and "Homesteading" by readers digest are great books, and very helpful. We are unsure if to make it a mini village or just indivdual ranchs, but what ever we do... it will be an adventure.  May haps this is the birth of something a Traveller Gal could settle at!

Traveller Gal, out!

Thursday, June 9, 2005

No longer a Photographer, again!

I am jobless as of June 3rd.....I was "Let Go...."   I don"t get it....I was pouring myself into that job....what happened?   On top of that, I have been ill with a virus since last Saturday and am still zapped my strength right out of me.  Of course, I am low....but what is new in that?  I am just a depressed person 90% of the time....I have excepted that....and am trying to focus more on God.