Friday, July 27, 2012

The Tread that Ties

I have been going back to my old blogs, bringing them over over to "Traveller Gal" so that they are all in one place.  One I am beginning to learn who I really am... that I have always been unique...  Two I am seeing that the whole Traveller Gal theme goes back to the beginning.  Three... Celtic culture, travel, and Dine Bikeyah have always been part of my blogs, just at different focuses depend on my age.  Now, as I prepare to move again, seeing all this brings life more into focus.

It is so good to have begun to piece the puzzle of my life together.  Finding each thread that is woven, some sweet, some bitter, and some just crazy awesome... My life has always been a strange path laid before me by God.  I wonder what new adventures lay before us on this journey-task.

~ Traveller Gal, out!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Song of Sorrow

In honor of those lost  both in my year of sorrow and in Aurora, CO....

From Irish halls to huts straw, the wind of sorrow blows,
an’ everyone that hears its song,
knows of the cryin’.

For in the heart an’ in the ear,
the song it goes,
and sends each one to bended knee for sorrow's prayer.

For sorrow’s course must take its hold,
and the joy its wing,
for in this life they have their place,
an’ none can change it.

For in sorrows an’ joys,
this life its made,
an’ though we plead,
an’ though we beg, this life it flies o-on.

So when the wind of sorrow comes,
we know our lot,
an’ turn our hearts to the Lord above,
our God and King!

For in His death He bore our pain,
on sorrow’s tree,
an’ in Him we have our hope for today.

So now, my friends,
ye’ve heard the song of sorrow,
an’ to thee I bid a-do until the mor-row.

Written - 2000 by MMH/MMN

(set to the tune of Barbra Allen)

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Well, the open road and moving just when from being metaphorical to being reality. August 13th or 14th, we shall be hitting the road for Kentucky.  Where we will be living is in the country between the cities of London and Corbin, but the address says London, KY.  LOL, and no that is NOT London, England...  Tis a beautiful place, with family all around (my husband's), and prayerfully work for us...

I hate it more than I can say...If we could stay in New Mexico forever I would...As it stands, we plan on getting jobs in Kentucky, live there for a year or so... then return.  My heart is breaking to leave my beloved Dine Bikeyah for a time, and I would be going crazy were it not for the fact we will be returning... Returning to our Navajo family, to our home town of Thoreau...  To the youth we have poured our lives into...

So as we pack to travel, a peace rest in my heart... While this gypsy returns to the road, her heart remains behind in Dine Bikeyah...

Traveller Gal, out!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Open Door...

A door is opening... one I never thought possible.  What, where, and how... that is mine to keep for it and other doors open, towards that path.  ^_^  I am as giddy as a school girl.  But this door wont be easy, and will take 4-5 long years to totally walk through.  It also most likely means leaving behind our beloved Dine Bikeyah for a time, and possibly forever... All for God's glory.

I am excited though, the open door and the possibility are causing us to pair down what we own.  For the next few years we will have just a few pieces of furniture, to boxes of winter clothing, two suit cases of other time clothing, two suit cases of other needed items, two backpacks, and a box or two of books.  After the 4-5 years are up, the furniture and books go in storage, the winter clothing goes away, and we head through the open door.  God willing that is.

"The open road is calling me, is calling me, I am free to roam, I am free to roam, oh, Lord, take me home!"  Traveller Gal- 2012

Traveller Gal, out! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life's adventures...

Monsoon rains have come.  And this makes an already exciting existence more adventuresome.  It also make daily work more difficult. I cant take my bike, Gypsy, out because our old paved roads get too slick with the rains.  Gas is too expensive to drive my husband's truck, Rez Rocket, just around town.  She is a good truck, but as a 1986 Chevy Scottsdale, she is also a gas drinker at slow speeds.  So its foot for us for a while.  That can be a challenge, as monsoon rains come up fast and some times with little warning.
But it can be fun to out ran the rains...

Yesterday, I was at the open air market (sometimes called a flea market out here), and one of the vendors had an awesome ammo box, a good pocket knife, and a very used tool bag, perfect for my bike, Gypsy.  The ammo box and knife were for my husband's birthday, which is today.  I love the open market!

~ Traveller Gal, out!

Monday, July 9, 2012

So the Journey Begins, Again...

Metaphorically speaking: The open road is calling, and this gypsy soon shall return to it.  This time not so much forced, but because it was the better option.  Good things lay ahead, but not much time to prep.   One door is slowly closing, another God is opening.

Honestly, life is taking some interesting twist of late. From starting a home based business of soap making that can go anywhere with us, to applying to a new mission, to my husband find us a new truck so we can get back on the road, it has been eventful.

To be honest, I have been stressed out trying to settle down.  We have not lived in one place for more than 14 months, and we are going on 12 at this local.    It 's not that I don't like having friends in one place, its not that I don't like having a house, but something is just not quiet right.  Nothing I can put my finger on, but something is just off.

Time I guess will tell, where this open road leads...

~ Traveller Gal, out!