Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life's adventures...

Monsoon rains have come.  And this makes an already exciting existence more adventuresome.  It also make daily work more difficult. I cant take my bike, Gypsy, out because our old paved roads get too slick with the rains.  Gas is too expensive to drive my husband's truck, Rez Rocket, just around town.  She is a good truck, but as a 1986 Chevy Scottsdale, she is also a gas drinker at slow speeds.  So its foot for us for a while.  That can be a challenge, as monsoon rains come up fast and some times with little warning.
But it can be fun to out ran the rains...

Yesterday, I was at the open air market (sometimes called a flea market out here), and one of the vendors had an awesome ammo box, a good pocket knife, and a very used tool bag, perfect for my bike, Gypsy.  The ammo box and knife were for my husband's birthday, which is today.  I love the open market!

~ Traveller Gal, out!

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