Saturday, March 20, 2004

Journey to Ft. Wayne

Well, i am at my aunt's for a while... then heading to Kansas...till i get money and license...then may haps  back to MI.   ^_^

It is time to let God start making a path for my life.  I must look into more schooling... and where to get the money for it.   I am praying to get to go back to Michigan... at least until I have money and some training like at Visions.   Who knows... one plan changes and God opens another door.
Life is so strange... but worth living.   At least GOD brings great good out of great darkness as only HE can.

Spent yesterday with my Aunt Nel and 2nd cousins Ashley and Liz.   Got a beautiful dress for prom alteritive and stuff to go with it.  Still need gloves, a purse, and shoes, but those will come with time.

~ Traveller Gal, out!

I love begin a traveller gal, but this road is so not easy!