Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall is here...

 Fall is here at last with all her charms, the leaves have begun their annul march from green to vivid then gone, the little gray squiralls are busy hidding away walnuts, much to my dismay as I would like some too, and the toads and frog are slowing down. The turkeys are again out strutting there stuff, tempting us to catch them... thanksgiving dinner early anyone? LOL!  It feels so good to walk in the crisp cool breezes and hear the birds chirping away.

This has to be my second favorite time of the year, next to winter, of all time.  I love the ciders, the leaves, the animals, and the start of fires in the fire place.  This is when one can start buying things for the long winter a head, and start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Traveller Gal, out!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Seasons of Change...

"Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my Light..."  As seasons change, and the people we know change, are taken from us, or grow away from us, tis a joy to know Iosa1 is always with us.  And winds of change do keep blowing strongly through my life.  Yet that can be a good thing, as it give clarity, focus, and new experiences to the journey of life. I do not as of yet know exactly where this journey will take us for long, but I am so thankful for Iosa's Light as I have gone through my journeys.... not sure where I would be with out it, but not here that is for sure.

"High King of Heaven, my treasure Thou art!"  It can be strange to think about what use to be important.  What is a treasure to me?  I only have a few earthly ones:  Robby, my doll - Beth - which I have had since I was 10, our two Navajo Rugs, and all our dear friends and family (most of these people we shall see in heaven, if not all before the end)...  But my greatest treasure is Iosa, I would chose Him above it all.

"Be Thou my soul's shelter!"  A shelter for the soul, a refuge in troubled times, that is what Iosa is!  More than that, He is the strong tower in which we wage our war against the spiritual darkness from within.  Outside of Him, we fall and are easily slain and devoried by the enemy (Satan), but in Iosa, His Light, and with Him as our Treasure, we can stand strong through it all.  I may not know where the journey is going beyond back to Dine Bikeyah, but I know with Iosa, we will journey on!

Traveller Gal, out!

1 (Iosa is Celtic for Jesus for those of you newer to my blog)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Living our Faith...

 When we talk about living our faith, and being Jesus hands and feet, what do we really think about? Do we see a poor widow?  Do we see the fatherless kids down the street?  Do we remember the thousands without clean water?  Do we think of the many without a meal, espcially the 1 in 5 children who will not eat today?  Do we remember the orphans, the homeless, the strangers, and the outcasts?  Do we think of those ill?  Do we think of those alone?  Do we care?    Do we picture feeding 5,000?

 When Robby and I returned to Kentucky, we also returned to our anchor church here, Immanuel Baptist Church of Corbin, because of their heart to reach the world.  Little did we know we would be returning during the Love Loud outreach, which is not just hosted by IBC but many other churches from the area.  One of the goals is to feed 5,000.  How?  That is the awesome part...

Have you ever gone to church Sunday and had a reverse offer?  What is that?  Were the church passed the offering plate and TOLD you to take $1 dollar out for yourself.  Then we learned about the parable of the talents   Then we all, along with many other churches descended upon walmart (only food place that could handle all of us), and each spend that money, and many of us beyond that, to buy food for others.  Result?  One large truck, plus 7 small pick-ups full of food...  how many feed still pending...  That to me is living our faith... in a BIG way.

Traveller Gal, out!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11-01: I will never forget...

I was 18, just had graduated high school the May before.  Mom and I had called Plymouth Plantation, to make an order of items to use in November for Thanksgiving teaching about giving. While on the phone, the lady said, "Turn the TV on a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center."  So we did.  At that point,  they were still wondering where the plane came from or if it had failed to gain altitude.  Then we watched as the second plane hit.

It was surreal.  The world I had known changed that day in a single moment.  I watched till bed that night.  I saw the towers fall, we worried that the 4 planes were all that were hijacked. So many dead, so many still ill from it.  The market in Wichita, KS never really recovered.  So many jobs lost...  Innocence lost.

Some say it was fake, a government poly.  To that I say, give me a brake.  Find something else to find issue with, by argueing these things you harm the memories of those who died.  If it did happen, then honor those who died... and show respect...  there are better ways then dishonoring their deaths.

So on this 11th anniversary of the 4 planes: two who crashed into the Twin Towers, one into the Pentagon, and one into the field in Pennsylvania; this 11th anniversary of the enter of terrorism into common USA thoughts; this 11th anniversary of the darkest day in USA history, I again light a candle in memory of those who passed, those ill from working at ground zero, all the rescue workers, and our military.  May God be with us, protect us, and guide us in the future...
May peace dwell in our hearts and in our nation, and may such dark days never again come to our shores.

Traveller Gal, out!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


As I sit here, with cool weather coming upon us, reflecting on these past 9 years since I started blogging back in February, 2003, I am struck by the journeys I have been on.  I have been looking at a few of the keepsakes that are here with me: the glass bottle with dirt from Dine Bikeyah, the doll called "Gypsy" that Robby got me as a gift, the cedarwood flute I am learning to play, and the few photos about the room with friends and places from the journey.   These past 9 years have brought many people into my life: Skot and Rachel, Lia McCoo, Ceicly, Aaron, Dino, Randi, Ernestine, and so many, many more than I can list (or spell all the names of... ~_^)  And of course, it brought me Robby, too!

One of the biggest surprises and blessings has been my little sister, Chissy, and her son (my nephew), Ethan, entering my life.  Chrissy was a surprise to me on so many levels.  First that she was in my life, after not being for 24 years.  Now, I am shocked that we have become best of friends, the "forever friends" that sisters should be.  Tis not a bad shock, but a joy I never dared dream would be mine.  What a blessing it is to have Chrissy and Travis back in my life again!

So many things have changed over the past 9 years, but these three remain the same: my love for Celtic Christianity, my desire to journey and travel for God, and the calling (now clear) to Dine Bikeyah.

"May Iosa's peace rest with you all, and may you each find your journey-tasks!  Blessings! Amen."

Traveller Gal, out!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cool Weather Begins...

Fall is starting to creep into our weather here.  It gets me thinking of cutting wood, but here in Kentucky we dont need to for the winter.  Wish we did...  I miss our wood burning fire place. In New Mexico I knew my place, what was expected of me...  Here I am at a loss, I am not the woman of the house... I am just the young woman living here.  Tis a strange feeling...

With work starting next week, our dreams are starting to seem in reach, but it will not be easy.  It will not happen in a day, a week, possibly in a year, but it is coming... As fall settles in and winter is just around the bend, that is the joy we hold on to... the hope of our calling which the Lord has given us...  that will keep us going through this time far from our beloved Dine' Bikeyah.

Traveller Gal, out!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leper - Beautiful Gray Day - Review

Beautiful Gray Day, Leper's album, is by far the best thus far, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the previous 2 Cd's, Kreischen and And Everybody Died, also released by Grrr Records.  Skot Shaw's Boiwesque voice lends itself well to Lepers dark, haunting and captivating style, mixed with the sounds of the 12 stringed guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, distorted drums and additional vocals.  Otto Jensen, who has been touring with Leper 2009-2011 while playing bass, and Cecily Marx, a violinist and vocalist,  add much to the total package.  Each song from its beginning to its end adds to the total package.

The first song Ascolta (Harken), set the mood for the CD beautifully with its dark melodic tones. Cora Vuole Dire Morire (What Does It Mean to Die), is at once creepy, playful and deep.  Perseguita (Haunt) is a haunting reflection on love and death.  In my opinion, it should join the ranks of great Gothic love songs. If I had to choose a favorite from this album, this song would be it.
La Pioggia Triste, Triste (The Sad, Sad Rain) opens very creepy, with a very good beat, with words that linger in your thought for some after listen.  I could not resist dancing to this song.  Fai Come Vuoi (Do As Thou Wilt) is a good reflection on what happens when we are not submitted to God, and takes it from a different angle than normal. Brings to mind "it is like a man who looks in a mirror, then turning away forgets what he looks like". Odio Tutto (I Hate Everything), is a song many of us can identify with, and the name for this CD appears to have roots in this song.  Lacrime Nere (Jet Black Tears),  resonates deeply and found me singing along.

 Non Ho Piu Paura Di Dormire (I Am Not Afraid To Sleep Anymore), is a deeply moving song.  I love how it repeats, "I will pray.", over and over.  It is an compelling song that genuinely moves me to my core.  L'artista
Dentro Di Te (The Artist In You)
is a haunting song about our need for attention, and what price we can pay.  Spezza, Spezza, Spezza (Chop, Chop, Chop) has always been a favorite and has been played at Leper concerts for some time.  Tis very nice to have it on Cd so one can dance with it when ever they wish.  Se Solo Io (If Only) is a gloriously eerie song where the the guitars shine.  Il Modo Che Tutto Si Svela (The Way It All Unfolds), is the most powerful of all the songs on this cd.  Leper saved the best song for the end of the cd.  It is  a short, sweet, powerful call to hositality and caring for the outcasts and rejected ones.  It perfectly rounds out the CD, and leaves one wishing for more.

In all this 7th album, Leper's 3rd with Grr Records, is a must have for any lover of Christian Rock, especially those who love the older more haunting Gothic style of music.  It get my mark of 5 out of 5 Horse Shoes (my equivalent to 5 stars), UUUUU.  I would also say if you like 12 string guitars or haunting, Old World style, folk ballads, give this Leper CD,  Beautiful Gray Day, due to release September 11th, 2012 a try, you just might be surprised.

Traveller Gal, out! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Late Summer Rains...

With the rain from the remains of Hurricane Issac, we have been inside most of the time other than church for the past 3 days.  I love the rains, the fresh coolness, the wet dirt between my toes.  It always seems like a time of refreshing to me.  One joy of these past days, was discovering 2 nice farmer markets, one with free range brown speckled eggs for just $1.50... and an antique store with delightful items, which gets me reflecting on the our journey...

"The journey is the destination..." As I sit here tonight thinking of the journey, from my birth out in western Kansas, to my adoption and move to eastern Kansas, to the summer trips to Poteau, OK, to our family vacation to New England, to Mission: Mexico, to the family trip to Desert Southwest, to Mission: New Orleans, to the Journeys to Wisconsin, Michigan, Cincinnati, Knoxville, BABR, Chicago, Kentucky, Wichita, Flagstaff, Thoreau, and so many others, it really is true that the journey is the destination... "Thank you, Daddy, for this journey called life!  Amen!"

Traveller Gal, out!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Who or What is Traveller Gal?

I have been calling this blog and myself "Traveller Gal" for some time, but I have never really done a post as to who or what Traveller Gal is about, and how or why I see myself as a Traveller Gal.  The term "traveller" comes from the travelling Irish tinkers who from old pre-Patrick Celtic times traveled doing tin and other thin metal repairs.  Gal come from me being a female.  But why call myself "Traveller Gal"?  At an early age of 7, I was called as a missionary.  By the age of 16, I knew it was to the Dine' people (Navajo).  At the age of 20, I began calling myself "Traveller Gal", not because I lived out on the road, but because like the Irish/Celtic Christian Missionary of old, I knew I was to not be settled in the same way other friends would be.  A missionary's life is often uncertain, and it take a long time to become "settled" in your new homeland.

Then at 24 nearly 25, Robby became a part of my journey.  As we sat and talked and shared the depths of our hearts, we realized, God had placed the same journey-task before us.  What is a journey-task you might ask?  It is the Celtic Christian way of explaining one's life calling.  It is called a journey, because this life is a journey, just like Christ said "There are two paths", on the way to Heaven, or if not saved Hell.

It is called a task, because ones calling is never easy.  It takes a high level of commitment, determination, and skill to keep going.  Sometimes it might even seem as though you "back trail", in returning to a location you use to be.  But as my Celtic Christian forefathers always put it, "If you have returned to a location, then God has something new there for you to learn, be quiet and listen to His leading."  For this reason, I do not mind the stop in Kentucky because I know God has something good for us, and it is a stop on the journey-task to Dine Bikeyah, the place God has called us both.

Thus as you see, the term Traveller Gal has much less to do with just travelling the open road, though that is fun and always exciting, than it does with this calling, this journey-task set before me.  May God bless all your journeys, and may each of you find your journey-task in life, for God has one for each and every one of us!

Traveller Gal, out!