Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leper - Beautiful Gray Day - Review

Beautiful Gray Day, Leper's album, is by far the best thus far, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the previous 2 Cd's, Kreischen and And Everybody Died, also released by Grrr Records.  Skot Shaw's Boiwesque voice lends itself well to Lepers dark, haunting and captivating style, mixed with the sounds of the 12 stringed guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, distorted drums and additional vocals.  Otto Jensen, who has been touring with Leper 2009-2011 while playing bass, and Cecily Marx, a violinist and vocalist,  add much to the total package.  Each song from its beginning to its end adds to the total package.

The first song Ascolta (Harken), set the mood for the CD beautifully with its dark melodic tones. Cora Vuole Dire Morire (What Does It Mean to Die), is at once creepy, playful and deep.  Perseguita (Haunt) is a haunting reflection on love and death.  In my opinion, it should join the ranks of great Gothic love songs. If I had to choose a favorite from this album, this song would be it.
La Pioggia Triste, Triste (The Sad, Sad Rain) opens very creepy, with a very good beat, with words that linger in your thought for some after listen.  I could not resist dancing to this song.  Fai Come Vuoi (Do As Thou Wilt) is a good reflection on what happens when we are not submitted to God, and takes it from a different angle than normal. Brings to mind "it is like a man who looks in a mirror, then turning away forgets what he looks like". Odio Tutto (I Hate Everything), is a song many of us can identify with, and the name for this CD appears to have roots in this song.  Lacrime Nere (Jet Black Tears),  resonates deeply and found me singing along.

 Non Ho Piu Paura Di Dormire (I Am Not Afraid To Sleep Anymore), is a deeply moving song.  I love how it repeats, "I will pray.", over and over.  It is an compelling song that genuinely moves me to my core.  L'artista
Dentro Di Te (The Artist In You)
is a haunting song about our need for attention, and what price we can pay.  Spezza, Spezza, Spezza (Chop, Chop, Chop) has always been a favorite and has been played at Leper concerts for some time.  Tis very nice to have it on Cd so one can dance with it when ever they wish.  Se Solo Io (If Only) is a gloriously eerie song where the the guitars shine.  Il Modo Che Tutto Si Svela (The Way It All Unfolds), is the most powerful of all the songs on this cd.  Leper saved the best song for the end of the cd.  It is  a short, sweet, powerful call to hositality and caring for the outcasts and rejected ones.  It perfectly rounds out the CD, and leaves one wishing for more.

In all this 7th album, Leper's 3rd with Grr Records, is a must have for any lover of Christian Rock, especially those who love the older more haunting Gothic style of music.  It get my mark of 5 out of 5 Horse Shoes (my equivalent to 5 stars), UUUUU.  I would also say if you like 12 string guitars or haunting, Old World style, folk ballads, give this Leper CD,  Beautiful Gray Day, due to release September 11th, 2012 a try, you just might be surprised.

Traveller Gal, out! 

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