Sunday, June 1, 2008

Journey to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch

 So just a few days ago, we boarded a Greyhound in Knoxville, TN.  So we were in Nashville then on to Memphis.  Next lay over was in Dallas, TX, and after 3 hours sitting in the terminal, the bus fums late at night caused me to throw up.  Not only that, but bags had not shown up having loaded on the sister bus heading in to Dallas.  Finally, just as we were boarding the bags arrived and got loaded on the next bus.  Then it was on to New Mexico.  We grabbed lunch in Tucumcari, and 37 hours after starting we arrived in Gallup, NM.  We quickly crashed in bed, content to be done traveling for 2 months.

Robby had gotten sunburned our second day there, so he crashed in the lodge.  I on the other hand was restless.  I told Robby I would be back in time for supper, as I was going on a walk.  Slowly I walked up the end of the road, then continued on down to Joe Milo's Trading Post.  There I found a cedar wood flute for Robby's 39th birthday coming in July.  I also bought myself a mini Navajo cradle board, until I can get a full sized one for my future children.  After browsing around for a while and buying a can of ice cold Dr. Pepper, I headed back to BABR.  By the time I returned, Robby was all worried.  " Were were you?", he asked.  I smiled slyly, "Hunting gifts."  He scolded a wee bit, but then let it rest.
After we finished the main part of training, we headed up to Mt. Taylor, the Turquoise Mountain, to go camping.  I was excited, as I never had been camping over night.  Of course, we nearly never got our tent up, thank goodness for friends.  After a good night sleep, we hiked to the top of Mt. Taylor, and may then biked down...sadly my ankle was acting up and Robby had stabbed his knee on a yucca plant while taking pictures, so neither of us rode.  It is a great start to the summer!

~ Traveller Gal, out!