Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A visit to JPUSA

What an adventure the past few days have been!  Robby and I journeyed up to Chicago, on a scouting trip to JPUSA to see if we wish to do their year long internship called Project 12.  This is also to be our honeymoon trip!  True Chicago in the winter is not where most people would go, but when have Robby and I ever been most people?  The loft we are staying in is glorious, though cold, but it is winter and to be expected.  We are enjoying the them alone.... not in his parents home.

After some scouting, a tour of JPUSA's buildings, working with Skot and Rachel at the shelter, and shopping at the Free Store and Unique Thrift Store.  Robby and I went with Skot and Rachel, plus alot of friends to drive around Chicago.  First stop, with Skot driving, was the cemeteries of course!  LOL.  But our friend the Trickster, a lone coyote was waiting in one.  We quickly moved on, and ate at a tasty vegan cafe as some in our party are vegans.  Then it was off for more driving around Chicago. I am nearly sure Skot knows where nearly every movie here was shot, at least that is important to him or interesting.  LOL!

Traveller Gal, out!