Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Window into my World

I am working on cleaning my room so I have a safe haven from the world....till I am on the open road is not going easy....DOES it EVER?

Here is pics from my room...

 My bulletin board, and to bed.

 My guitar, lavender plant, and Celtic "God is our Rock"
on top of Chest of drawers.

 My wall shelves, the owl lamp was a gift from Grandma F.
and belonged first to her mother.

And thats my room, at least as much as I will show thee at this time... Blessings friends!

 ~ Traveller Gal, out!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas in Oklahoma

 Traveled this Christmastide to my Grandma Fitzpatick's (from the Gaelic: Mac Giolla Phadriag) in Poteau, OK.  She lives near Long Lake, Cavanal (world's tallest hill), and the Ouachita National Forest. The Fitzpatrick Hillside is 13 acers of woodlands, own by her, my mom, and 2 uncles.  As a child this place was like a second home to me, especially over summers, which often were spent running through the woodlands with my cousins.  At 17, I built a Celtic hunters hut from ceder bows... it took 2 years to come apart, and ruins still remain!

Christmas was relaxing... nothing eventful, just Christmas at Grandma's.  I was blessed to get a 1611 KJV Bible, an Amy Brown Fairy Journal, a Mic for the the comp, another journal (hmm...people know I like to write it seems), and Runts candy.  Grandma  also had me go to the store and pick up the light blue sleeping bag I wanted, and told me it is my birthday present.  ^_^   Good timing, since my old one just broke.

Wonderful as this all was, it seems a shadow had passed over things.  Why I do not know... it feels as though this was the last Christmas that will be this way.  The last of a season.  Am I moving soon?  Is Grandma leaving us soon (her health has been poor for a while)?  Who knows where this winter path goes, but it has come unbidden and thus must be journeyed on.... God be with me...

~ Traveller Gal, out!

Saturday, December 4, 2004

Refections on Life

I have been doing a lot of searching in the last 5 and 1/2 years...ever since I first took soo ill...

One thing I have my views of God have changed...I see him now as more of a Father who lovingly watches over me and tends to me...then this power station I plug into...LOL.

Another, I have amount of ministry will make me happy...I love to do it...but I am happiest and the most at a small group of loved ones...or just me and the open road.

I know that my dream house is a small one...decorated minimally with Celtic, Native, and Tribal items.

That more stuff...means more stress...and MORE WORK...LOL.

And that... true love is worth waiting for and fighting for...even if you have to fight yourself for it. ^_^