Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Open Door...

A door is opening... one I never thought possible.  What, where, and how... that is mine to keep for it and other doors open, towards that path.  ^_^  I am as giddy as a school girl.  But this door wont be easy, and will take 4-5 long years to totally walk through.  It also most likely means leaving behind our beloved Dine Bikeyah for a time, and possibly forever... All for God's glory.

I am excited though, the open door and the possibility are causing us to pair down what we own.  For the next few years we will have just a few pieces of furniture, to boxes of winter clothing, two suit cases of other time clothing, two suit cases of other needed items, two backpacks, and a box or two of books.  After the 4-5 years are up, the furniture and books go in storage, the winter clothing goes away, and we head through the open door.  God willing that is.

"The open road is calling me, is calling me, I am free to roam, I am free to roam, oh, Lord, take me home!"  Traveller Gal- 2012

Traveller Gal, out! 

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