Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dreams and Hopes

When one dreams of a place, when one starts talking of hopes for the future, what do they look like?  I have often dreamed of land, children, missions, homesteading... all in Dine Bikeyah area.  But for many years it was just that, a dream.  I was not going to ask really for anyone to do that... Then, my beloved Robby, began to share his dreams for living out in Dine Bikeyah.  And he spoke to my heart...

He spoke of a homestead in the area of Dine Bikeyah, with sheeps, goats, a few cows, rabbits, chickens, gardens, and such.  A home with room for me to do some kinda hospitality/couch surfing ministry.  Barn with room enough for him to do a trade, maybe even horse shoeing.  And my heart awakens with dreams and with hope.... maybe there is more to fight for then even I knew...
Traveller Gal, out!

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