Friday, August 24, 2012

Fellow Traveller Girl

Today, there was a fellow traveller girl, standing on the curb at the edge of Walmart. As is my custom, I went into the store and bought a bottle of icy cold water for her.  Sadly, today I was out of food bars in my purse, having just finished a trip moving east, and not having had a chance to replenish as of yet.  Then I ran back out to her, in my good clothing from my job interview.  My turquoise necklace pounded on my chest as did my sliver Celtic cross, but I had to get back to her, as the day is so hot and humid in this Kentucky late summer weather.  I handed her the bottle of cold water, and she smiled, "A cup of cold water in My name.  God bless you!"

How often do we over look blessings because we fear strangers?  It makes me think of the old Celtic Christian blessing/proverb.  "May there always be food in the eating place, may there always be drink in the drinking place.  May there always be music in the listening place.  May there always be a bed in the sleeping place.  For, oft, oft, oft, goes Christ about in stranger's garb."  Please my friends consider how you to might aid other travellers.  Blessings!

Traveller Gal, out!

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