Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Casa Rosa

Rob and I live in a little checkerboard community called Thoreau in northeastern New Mexico.  Surrounding us on most sides is the Navajo Reservation.  Thoreau is a typical rez community: small, not much to do, and alot of people to meet.

For us, we did not expect to move to Thoreau.  We were just looking for a place close to the rez where we could live near the missions field and maybe rent to own some land.  Little did we expect to find an older mobel home with an acre of land on a street called Rose.  The place is a fixer upper, but what missionary home isn't?

We have a nice living room/dining room, a kitchen, a den, Rob's office/man cave, my office, the guest bedroom, guest bathroom, and our master bed and bath.  We will have a pantry, after the leaky roof is fixed. ^_^

For me, Casa Rosa, while really to large for just us, is perfect for the work we do.  With mentoring, discipleship, and relational missions as our focuses, a large place like ours means plenty of room to have people over. 

Now we just have to get that leaky roof fixed!!! LOL!

~ Traveller Gal, out!


  1. That's awesome Morria, I'd love to think that I could visit one day on the way home to Silver City someday. Blessings!
    colleen d.