Friday, January 27, 2012

29 years and counting...

 Thinking Back....

Twenty-nine years, that is a long time to walk the earth.  There have been alot of ups and alot of downs on this journey, both of the heart and of the soul.  In my first six months, I had 3 mothers: birth, foster, adopted.  In my first 3 years of life I had at least 4 homes.  At four I surrendered my life to God.  At seven I was called to missions... and the rest is history!

At 15 I went on my first mission trip, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.  At 16 I was called to the Navajo.  Just after that, still in my 16th year, I became very ill and was bedridden most of the time till late in my 17th year.  At 18 I went on my second missions trip, New Orleans, LA, USA.  At 19 I began doing online ministry to the subcultures and at-risk teens.  At 23, I went on my third mission trip, to Charlotte, NC, USA.  At 24, I sought to start a safe house for at risk youth, but never totally got it up off the ground.  Later that year, at almost 25, I married my beloved Rob Nickles.
At  25, I went for the first time on a mission trip to Navajo Nation, as Rob had done off and on since 1995.  Then that same year we moved to Chicago, and remained for 14 months.  Then it was off to Kentucky, Kansas, and Arizona, before moving to Thoreau NM.  What joys, what trials, and what blessings lie between!  Such a life I have lead, out here on the open road... God has been good even in the hard times.  I am blessed.

~ Traveller Gal, out!

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