Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. Nicholas Day

 Today is Saint Nicholas Day, in remembrance of Bishop Nikolaos of Myra (part of Lycia).  Nikolaos was a giver, often giving things to those in need without them knowing from who it came.  He often dropped the gifts into drying stockings, from which the later Santa Claus (a miss understanding of the Dutch version of his name) legends would spring.  Nikolaos was present at the Counsel of Niacia and prior to this had been imprisoned for his faith.  He died at the age of 76, and is one of the best remembered early believers outside of the Apostles, and the later Saint Patrick (400's) and Saint Francis (1200-1300's).  I often celibate by giving out surprise gifts, and buying the end of Christmas presents on this day.

While out hunting for gifts, I swung by the thrift store in need of a brown pair of pants my size.  I found them, but I was also blessed with a darling brown version of the owl shown on the left.  I was so pleased, as I love do decorate with owls, but dont have much funding to do so.  ^_^  May happs Nikolaos had it there.  ~_^  But really, I was blessed and thank God for it.

Traveller Gal, out!

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