Saturday, December 29, 2012

Old Year passing, New Year dawning!

 After 10 years of blogging, pouring out my heart and soul, heading to the missions field, coming back for time away from Dine Bikeyah, and seeing a new path for the future... Who know what these  next 10 years of Traveller Gal?
Thank you everyone  for the wonderful past 10 years!  We have been through alot of ups and downs as this journey has gone forward.

10 years ago, I was 20 years old, single, very ill and depressed.  Today I am nearly 30, married, healthy and stressed, but joyful at last.  So many cities, so many dreams for ministry, and journeys to share....  I cannot wait to share this new adventure with all of you in the day, months, and years to come.

A New Pathway

A journey now lays be for us,
A new way of doing things,
A new day dawning,
A new adventure to embrace...

~  Traveller Gal, out!

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