Friday, March 4, 2011


Called Shikaakwa, meaning wild onions, by the Mihtohseeniaki and Illiniwek, but it became known as Chicago, a mispronunciation of the original name for the place.   Based on Lake Michigan, it has always been a natural port location, and remains such to this day.  After the devastation of the Chicago Fire of 1871, the city rebuilt to become now in 2011 the third largest city in the USA.

In my journeys, my husband and I settled for 14 months in Chicago, doing inter-city and homeless ministry.  We dwelt in an old 1920's hotel in Uptown Chicago, and were a short walk from Graceland and Saint Boniface Cemeteries.   It is well worth touring on foot the cemeteries, to see up close and personal the lasting monuments of Chicago's history and periods of architecture.  If shopping is your thing, check out the Unique and Salvation Army thrift stores and the shops of Little Thailand, Little India, and Chinatown.  Lakeshore's bike paths are a joy, and the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is free, is a blast, but for two travelers with a heart left in Dine Bikeyah, Shikaakwa is no place to stay for long.

~ Traveller Gal, out!

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