Saturday, January 7, 2006

College Begins

Started ISoM last night along with my friend John Meadows.  It was awesome.  I love being a student again.  I have missed it soo much.  The other thing is, Newton is an hour away and I get a wee bit of the open road... it is a nice hold over.  I especially enjoy begin out of the city and seeing the night skies with all it's stars.

I am not using my cane right now.  Still have it around.  ^_^  I am just kinda out of it.  No clue why.  Things are going well, other than Chas and Kayla moving off.  Still miss them, most likely always will...

Oh, I just realized, I forgot to say that John is one of my good, close guy friends who returned to the Lord last year...  He is like a brother to me, and a joy to have around.  He is the pastor's son, I am the assistant pastor's daughter... we grew up together.  It is nice to gain a trust guy friend, as there are so few around...

~ Traveller Gal, out!

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