Friday, November 2, 2012

A Brighter Future...

A brighter future, of this I dream of...

Things have not been easy for over 10 years, but things are beginning to look up.  Easier?  Not really, but how to work within it to make it a joy is coming.  Life is never easy.  Those who say it is are either rich or lazy, either that or very, very, very optimistic, LOL!  How might you ask are things looking up?  For one, Robby and I have a plan of action for the future.  Not a guessing game, but a plan of action... A plan that brings to life hopes and dreams long forgotten, lain to rest, or given up. (I thinks?)

What will things look like in 10 years?  I hope for one for at least two children: Sylvania Morria (Named after my favorite Irish name, and Rob's grandmother, Sylvania Ritchie: 1916-2008) and Izaak Samuel (named after Isaac Moler: 1809-1860, CPL Zeke Abbott -6th ALA CAV - CSA: 1834-1895,  and Rev. Samuel Bellamy, Circuit Rider : 1784-1854  all from from my birth family)

Traveller Gal, out!

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