Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Journey to Thoreau...

We did not expect the turn of events that has lead us to Thoreau, NM.  We had planned to live in Flagstaff for 4 years, finish up training at IBC.  Funding did not permit that, nor did lack of jobs or housing.  Then after our summer at BABR, a friend invited us to visit their church in Thoreua, NM.  After years of traveling, we found a home church, a place we fit in... and that is not an easy feet.

After a few weeks attending church, we found a place to live.  We call it Casa Rosa or Desert Kildare, depending on the day.  LOL.  We are at rest at last.  Thoreau is a wonderful little town.  4 schools: three public ones, and one catholic.  One mom and pop grocery story.  2 gas stations.  A community center with computer lab and trying to start a library.  Until then there is a book mobile.  We also have a Family Dollar, senior center, and chapter house.  Oh, yes, and a skate park...

We can see the Red Rock mountains and our church from our back yard.  It is so much, and I am still in shock.  A family, a home, and we have not been here that long... I hope we dont have to leave... or if we do... that we can come back.  ^_^

~ Traveller Gal, out!

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