Monday, December 27, 2010

Coal/Wood Stoves...

Out here at the trailer in Kayenta we stay at, and most of the other homes, Coal/Wood Stoves are the norm.  I grew up with Daddy using the wood burner in the basement, but he never taught me out to run it.  Rob grew up having used a coal stove as a teen.  It has been hard but fun relearning the old art of keeping a stove running through the night, but we are getting there.

I always as a child told my parents that most likely I would be living where I needed to have a wood/coal stove.  I use to pretend to gather wood.  I never guessed how hard it would really be.  To make sure the wood pile stays dry, and how painful it can be to carry a big pile inside in my arms.  The worst was when I got a blast of coal smoke in the face when we had to adjust the coals, and learned some were still hot.  Good fire place tools would be such a blessing to both Robby and me right now.

~ Traveller Gal, out!

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