Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Goal: Holiday Work

 Snow hath come this Christmastide as of yesterday.  At last, we have good white snow.  The city looks so white and pure, thought that most likely will not last long.  Even my bike, "Meg", loves this... though I dont dare taker her out on the streets in this weather.  It looks as if tis finnally time to rest her for the winter.  Until we meet again in the spring, dear "Meg".  I am sure the bike shop will care for you well.

As everyone left for Thanksgiving, and is now preparing to leave for Christmas, Robby and I are being able to pick up a bunch of extra paid work.   And that is a good thing, as in January we are journeying to Dine Bikeyah for about a week, to do some ministry prep work.  I know the holiday season is normally spent in festive celibration, but the call to Dine Bikeyah is even stronger than the call of Christmastide celibrations.  Besides other than Aaron, Skot and Rachel, and a few other families, we are not close to many here.  Our Christmas was spent with Rob's family over Thanksgiving.

I love how they have made the L and other lines all festive.  In this busy busling city, it is nice to have some good will and spirit of cheer.  I just pray that everyone, whether traveling home, journeying through the city, or snug as a bug with their computer and a cup of fireside chai tea, never forgets the Babe born on Christmas morn.  We ought not celebrate Him one morn, but all 365 days of the year.  Let us not blought out the lesson we have learned on the journeys way, and share His love all the more with those about us.

Traveller Gal, out!

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