Sunday, January 18, 2004

21 Years...

Well, my 21st birthday rocked.   I went shopping with a few friends.... so I got a cool Nightmare Before Christmas shirt ) and a "stone" mirror.   I also bought for normal price some chain earrings.   Got a fishnet shirt at JC Penny's for $0.77!!!

I am doing really well at the internship.... it appears that the Upper Room Youth Center is a go.   I will find out for sure at next months conceal meeting. 

My health is a mess.   Not so much that I am really that ill.... it is just the crazy spells I have.   Fainting, breathing problems... every joint in my body hurting.   I wish I was stronger... but maybe it is in the weakness I am meant to help another.  Only Iosa knows for sure, and therefore I trust in Him. 

God help me through this... please, if be Your will, either heal me now... or show me who I am to aid by in my trials still being faithful to YOU.  Amen.

~ Traveller Gal, out!

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