Tuesday, November 18, 2003


There is soo much I could be doing, soo much my life once held.   I need to learn how to lead in the battle no matter how week my physical body is... for this battle is not against flesh and bone, but against the things in the spiritual realm that stand against God.

I find my self more and more restless... though I am not well enough to work away from home.   I awake in the middle of the night (my time of the day---not my parents or I would be up more at night.) longing for more.   I use to be so focused.  I used to be so sure of where I was headed.   Where did that go?

God, I beg of Thee, show me what path to walk... guide me.  Return understanding to me... that I might know the meanings to that which You are showing me.   I return again to Thy Word with faithfulness, as close as a human can know...anyway.   My King, teach Thy daughter what You want of her. Amen.† 

~ Traveller Gal, out!

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